Hi guys i have a strange problem with my keyboard in games (only in games too)

Where some keys will "stick". Kinda hard to describe but basically this is what happens in 2 games, NFS:MW im plodding along in my Elise and all of sudden the car turns of its own accord into a barrier, or wont recognise ive pressed brake until ive pressed it a few times and sometimes the accelerator sticks so ill smack into the nearest obstacle instead of turning. The same thing happens in quake 4 although its slightly less of a problem but running headlong into strogg when im trying to strafe isnt cool.

Ive done some googles and apparantly it seems as though the problem is direct draw related but im confused as to why this has suddenly happened after years of using my old keyboard fine (logitech deluxe access) and then thinking the old girl was dead buying my brand new Microsoft Digital media pro keyboard (so it isnt grime under the keys, nor is either keyboard broke).

and it is only in games, typing this no keys were repeated and my cursor didnt throw a wobbler scrolling up this message. Ive thought about a complete DX reinstall or even a reformat but before i do this is there any other way as DX installs are a pain in the ass and reformats take forever.