Hi all,

I have a TV card that came with an XP MCE compatible remote (I think it's just a bundled microsoft one), I am trying to figure out how to get the remote to be able to resume the machine from standby or suspend to RAM (I think it's called S3?) using the remote.

I seem to remember reading something on these forums in a thread about an HTPC that someone built but I've searched and can't find the thread. If I remember rightly the issue was because in the S3 state the USB devices are powered off but there was a registry tweak that could be done to enable the machine to be woken using a USB device.

I've already looked in the Device Manager under the properties for the remote and there isn't even a Power Management tab on that properties panel. My keyboard, which is a PS/2 model, does have this tab.

Does any of this ring any bells with anyone?