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Thread: Sound card (and speakers) on a budget

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    Sound card (and speakers) on a budget

    Ok guys,

    I'm already pretty set on buying the Creative T6060 or the Logitech X530 speakers, don't really want much more input on that. However, could someone let me know what the soundcard below the X-Fi I should get is? I don't want to spend much, I'm absolutely not an audiophile, I do not need bookshelf speakers, seperate 2.1's and an amp, or any of the stuff you all recommend.

    I want good positional audio, basicly good positioning and a smooth transition from speaker to speaker (EAX4 almost a necessity). I thought the Creative Soundblaster 2 ZS is the thing to get but then I see two other OEM looking things in the soundcard section, so I'm kind of confused!

    It's all with an eye to playing games basicly. Thanks for all your input in advance.


    PS. If you think I'd be better off with 7.1 could you give me a good reason why.
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    The 2ZS certainly used to be the card to get, but they've stopped selling it in most places. Instead you can by the equally priced audigy 4 which is exactly the same thing, but with microsoft approved connectors (with plastic colours) and a software tweak to improve the signal quality slightly.

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