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Thread: ASrock dual sata2

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    ASrock dual sata2

    Hi, im about to upgrade, and i'm pretty sure i'll get an opty 146/8 and and ASRock dual SATA2
    mobo. However, i have an Antec Neo HE430 psu, and i didnt work with my old motherboard because of the atx2.2 spec thingymajig and the 20pin+4pin thing. well anyway i was wondering if anybody else had this combination and knows if this psu works with this motherboard?
    Thanks for your help!

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    why that board mate? if its for future upgrade to PCI-E then i doubt your PSU will work anyway. the board needs a volt mod and unofficial bios for more than 275 FSB btw
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    i have the board - set-up for a 20pin PSU with the 4 pin. i don't know the exact specs of your PSU, but if you don't have an extra 4 pin cable coming off your PSU (in addition to the 20 pin cable), then I would not recommend using it with the board... (P.S I'm using an Antec 380W PSU v.happily with the board).

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    I don't have this combination, but I really suspect it will be fine.

    The PSU has the following connections right?:
    6 x 4 pin internal power
    4 x 15 pin Serial ATA power
    1 x 6 pin PCI Express power
    1 x power 24 pin main output
    1 x power 4 pin ATX12V connector

    If so you will need a 24->20 pin connector for this motherboard. I have the same problem but I can confirm that there are no problems using such a connector. Use the 24->20pin adaptor for the main power rail, and plug the 4pin ATX12V connector in the seperate 4pin 12v plug on the motherboard.

    It's a great board and should work well with that PSU.

    EDIT: if the 24pin connector is actually a 20+4 pin, then you don't need an adaptor at all - just use the 20pin portion of the cable and ignore the +4 bit.
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