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Thread: Are you looking for 939 Matx Board?

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    Are you looking for 939 Matx Board?

    Hey guys I bought a new m/b yesterday as either my 6600 or my Foxconn K8MA was dead, and i cba to take the v/c outta my main rig to test.

    I was looking for something that was uatx, and had reasonable onboard VGA.

    Now I admit I'm a little bit of a nvidia fanboy, so that ruled out the offering from ATI. At my local PC shop I stumbled accross one of these.

    Got it all up and running with my old 3000+ Winchester, and Ive gotta say I was impressed.

    The system quite happily played Wow and eve both at 1024x768, though I had to reduce a few of the effects on WoW. Eve itself ran pretty well with all the gubbins turned on.

    Also the board comes with a 16x PCI-Express slot for upgrades later.

    If you are "heavy gamer", the on board wont do.

    Having said that if you are trying to get on the 939 ladder, but cant stretch the budget too far to include a v/c this month I would recommend this board.

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    Yes, they're quite a popular board.

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