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    Hey all,

    I am upgrading my 64 3500 to a dual opty, probably the 165 since it is a sweet overclocker. I was wondering with a asus A8R-MVP board (which I have now), I have 2GB of corsair XMS 3200 DDR 400 ram (4X512). Would I be better off with better memory if I am going to overclock? I am trying to get the opty up to at least 2.6, might even hit up some water cooling to add to everything. I really have not OC'd stuff in a few years, so I am not sure what RAM is the best for OCing. Any help or suggestions would be great thanks.

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    As you can set memory dividers with Athlon 64s, memory overclockability makes absolutely no difference to cpu overclocking. You can just set the cpu speed via the htt and multiplier and then set a memory divider to keep the memory at stock ie: 300x10 for the cpu gives 3ghz and then set the memory at a 2/3 divider so it runs at stock 200mhz.

    Memory overclocking in itself is also fairly pointless as the gains are minimal in real life. With Athlon XPs it was different as the memory controller was on the motherboard so memory timings and speed were important due to the distance between the controller and the cpu. However as the memory controller is on the cpu with Athlon 64's the latency and available bandwidth is already high enough that almost every game won't benefit from any more. You would get a far larger performance increase from spending the money on a better graphics card or a raptor.

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