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Thread: Shuttle SD31P Temperature

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    Shuttle SD31P Temperature


    I have a new Shuttle SD31P with the following configuration:

    3Ghz Pentium D Processor
    2Gb Corsair DDR2 Memory
    1x 74Gb Western Digital Raptor
    1x 300Gb Seagate
    1x Pioneer DVR-110D
    1x XFX GeForce 7800GT GPU

    Now what I can't understand is why the thing is running so hot, at the moment it is idleing at 50 C it goes up to around 55 C on load.

    I can get it to run much cooler if I turn the fan speeds up to Medium. At the moment I have the system fan speeds set to Medium and the CPU fan to Smart Fan. Though I never ever hear the CPU fan speeds increasing, even when the CPU temperature increases.

    I have updated to the latest BIOS, but this made no difference. I have Speed Fan installed as well, and that is also reading very high temps, the Remote Temp is 61C apparently.

    Im concerned that this is going to damage my system in the long run, but I dont understand why Smart Fan doesnt do what its supposed to do. I don't want to have the system running on Medium fan speed as its louder than my old tower system.

    Any advice ?



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    Hi SnAzBaZ,

    To tell you the truth, the temperature sounds fine. The only time I probably would worry is when it goes up to something like 75 or 80, as the Pentium D's give off a lot of heat. If you want to decrease the temperatures then I would recommend removing that Shuttle Thermal Compound with some Isopropyl and applying some Arctic Silver 5.

    Regarding the fan, there probably is a set value for the temperature for when it deems it neccessary to increase the fan speed. On my SN25P i've set it to Smart-Fan but it doesn't increase the fan speed if the CPU temperature increases by small amounts, only if the overall CPU and system temperature is higher than normal. If you like you can run one of the CPU Strain test's to see if it manages to get the system into increasing the fan speed that way you can be sure it works.

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