I have been looking at AMD's new AM2 processor line-up and saw that as well as releasing energy-efficient versions of their existing chips for the AM2 platform which have a power rating of 62W, they also plan to release some "ultra low power" chips with a power rating 35W.

See http://www.amdcompare.com/ under desktop processors.

This sounds ideal for an upcoming HTPC I am planning to build, but I cannot seem to find the specific "ultra low power" (35W) for sale or pre-order anywhere! Most sites seem to stock the the AM2 versions of chips, but don't specify them as low power.

I have read that these chips are supposed to be released at the same time and the slowest 35W sempron should retail for about $101 (about £54). See http://www.scan.co.uk/News/NewsArtic...?ArticleID=598

Any idea where you can buy any of the low power versions? Cos I don't

PS - If I have missed something well-known please don't flame me - I have been out of the world of PC hardware for the best part of 6 months due to tonnage of uni work