Hi Guys.....first post on the forum so be gentle with me!

I've had a Shuttle ST20G5 for a few months now, and it's been a great machine until a couple of weeks ago when it crashed. Now it doesn't seem to see its' SATA hard drive, and it simply refuses to re-install the SATA drivers.

I'm being forced to boot from XP CD, F6 to load additional drivers from floppy as I'm hoping that the problem is purely the SATA drivers becoming corrupt, and then I repeatedly get the message 'txtsetup.oem file not found'. Because I'm a wally, I've long since lost the original floppy SATA driver disk, so I downloaded one from Shuttle, and the 'missing' file is definitely on the floppy that I'm using.....so do you have any idea what's going wrong? By the way, I'm also keen to keep the existing XP install on the SATA

My spec is.....
Shuttle ST20G5
AMD 3500 / 939
200Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA
2Gb Hynix PC3200 RAM
7800GT Graphics
Creative Audigy LS Audio

Thanks for any help you can offer!