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Thread: SATA Raid 0 motherboard swap

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    Red face SATA Raid 0 motherboard swap

    I am thinking of upgrading my trusty MSI 865PE MB -(2 serial ata drives striped Raid0 win XP pro) with a new 965 chipset. Core2 board probably an MSI 965neo.

    Is the ICH8 chipset on the new board backward compatable with the old ICH7 so I can just swap the board/ cpu without backing it all up, reformating the drives reinstalling winXP etc (what a pain)

    Thanks in advance

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    Usually, attempting to migrate an array made on one controller over to another is a recipe for disaster... Can't see a reason why it wouldn't workmind you, but I would still backup all the critical stuff before attemptng it tbh.
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    Try it by all means, but I'd be staggered it if worked. You really should backup regardless, and certainly when using a new board you should be reinstalling Windows - you're pretty much guarenteed to run into problems somewhere down the line otherwise.

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