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Thread: motherboards? silent water cooling kit!

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    motherboards? silent water cooling kit!

    i have just brought a thermaltake silent water cpu cooling kit, and i don't know which motherboard to get, so it will fit on as it is attached with a back plate that goes on the back of the board and then the cooling unit screws on and around the cpu via 4 screws. I think there should be some pre set holes around the cpu to hold the back plate and the cooling unit together. I was thinking of getting an asus P5WD2 premium socket 775 motherboard but unsure looking at photos of it whether the cooling unit can be fitted.I need a 775 board as i am upgrading my cpu to a pentium d 940 processor. Any help or recommendations of which board to get would be grateful.


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    Moved by me, you'll probably get more help in here!
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    AFAIK all motherboards have the mounting holes you need, thats how the rendition device for a normal HSF is attatched.

    Also for less than the price of the D940 you can buy a C2 e6300 OEM from scan which would be the better buy.

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