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Thread: Asus p5nsli question

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    Asus p5nsli question

    Newbie question: -

    I’m waiting for the Asus p5nsli board to be released before I start my Conroe build. I think this is the perfect board for me (right price, don’t care about overclocking).
    This board has two pci-e slots that share 16X lanes (i.e. 8X each) or the board can run 16X on one slot.
    My question is:- Does the sli performance deteriorate when using two 8X pci-e lanes rather than two 16X pci-e lanes. E.g. do both cards run at a lower setting?

    Also, how would a single nvidia 7950GX2 run on this board (i.e. does it run at full speed or does the performance deteriorate because the board has two pci-e slots that share 16X lanes)?

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    Can anyone help with this?

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    ALL SLI shares the 16x to 8x when running two cards, cant see any reason why it would be a problem having that card. why would you need 2 though?
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