First System Specs:
E6400 stock
PC6400 DDR2
GA-965P-DQ6 mobo
XFX Geforce 6800XT

I got 2 monitors (Dell 2407WFP and Samsung 213T) connected to the video card.

The problem is...If I connect both monitors using THE DVI PORT, I get a blue screen no matter what version of the nVidia driver I have. If I use a DVI-to-VGA adapter on one of the ports, it works fine. If I use a single monitor, it works fine.

The extra power molex connect to my video card has not been connected because my motherboard comes with a built in power socket that is suppose to provide extra power to system components and I have that connected.

Does anyone experience the same problem? Could it be due to the video card power not been connected?

To wrap up:
2 DVI connected = Blue screen (BSOD)
1 dvi, 1 dvi-to-vga adapter = fine
1 dvi connected = fine