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Thread: one external drive on two computers?

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    one external drive on two computers?


    i have two machines:
    one for music production
    the other for internet

    i have a kvm switch which i use to switch between both machines so i can use the same keyboard/mouse/monitor

    i recently bought a external enclosure/drive
    (its a firewire/usb2 combo unit)

    i have the same external drive connected to both machines (one via firewire the other via usb)

    will this cause a problem if both amchines are turned on and accessing the same drive?
    also, the drive path letter differ from one comp to the other (on one machine the external drive is "G" on the other it is "F")

    and is it possible for viruses/spyware to travel from one comp to the other via the drive?

    thanx in advance

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    i think it may be a one or the other when it comes to connections, you need to read the manual to make sure.

    drive letters are assigned by windows, its not a problem in your case.

    yes a virus may infect files on the USB drive so accessing those files on the other pc will help spread them across.

    your ideal solution would be a network storage device, both pc's can have a look at the same time then

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    as above really, get a network storage box for your external hard drive

    this one comes highly recommended by me
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