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Thread: Usb Ports!?

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    Unhappy Usb Ports!?


    In my case ive got some usb 2.0 connectors for the ports at the front of my case

    however my motherboard doesnt actually have the conenctions built into it

    does anyone know of any sort of converter so that i can plug them into a standard usb port into the back of my pc? effectively using them as a hub!?



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    The USB ports at the back must connect to a header in the motherboard? If there are no spare USB connections available on the MB (there are usually plenty bit I don't know that board), then you can disconnect the header connected to the rear ports and patch in the front ports, I would have thought.

    OK Silly me.... I just looked up that board - it was an expensive board back in 2004 - but has has 4 USB ports hard wired to the back..... and there are no more available on the board....

    One solution would be a USB hub on top of or by front side of case, plugged into one USB port at the back.
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