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Thread: Iiyama PLE2200WS-B VESA mount

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    Iiyama PLE2200WS-B VESA mount

    I recently bought a Iiyama PLE2200WS-B monitor and wish to use the specified 100mm VESA mount.

    There's nothing in the Iiyama manual about totally removing the stand now about what size screws the VESA mount rewuires, so I e-mailes and they replied that the stand could not be removed!!!

    So how is this monitor described has having a 100mm VESA mount?

    The stand covers where the mount should be but if Iiyama are saying the stand cannot be removed then how can it be said to have a 100mm VESA mount?

    Does anyone know how to access the VESA mount and remove the stand ?

    I feel like Iiyama have mislead me on the product specification here and I've potentially wasted loads of wonga on a fancy mounting arm.

    I have pointed out to Iiyama that their specification is effectively misrepresenting the product and have invited them (unless they can come up with an alternative) to test the law.
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