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Thread: If You Own An Sn45g Please Look

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    If You Own An Sn45g Please Look

    Guys could you please post your bios settings here if you use the onboard soundstorm i'd like to compare them with mine cos i dont understand why my computer detects no onboard sound on my SN45G even before starting windows. this problem has occured within the last couple of weeks and i've tried everything to no avail. i'm using the logitech z-680's thru spdif and the light doesnt even come on. The sound will sometimes come back only if i restart the computer from windows XP other wise i always get the stupid message "could not initialise nvidia drivers please install and try again" whenever i try and open the nvidia soundstorm control panel.

    im particularly interested in finding out if anyone has ever had this problem before cos im considering taking it back for a replacement but since christmas is near i dont know how long it will be before i get it back(with everyone on holiday and all!!!). Your time and advice will be appreciated.

    amd 2800+
    powercolor radeon 9800 pro
    twinmos 512mb
    logitech z -680
    windows xp SP1

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    check you bios and make sure all the onboard devices are enabled. when i first got my shuttle my onboad lan was not enables... took me a min to figure it out.

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