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Thread: server upgrade advise

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    Question server upgrade advise

    hiiii, im looking at upgrading the ancient server at work to a hopefully much faster and more reliable system.

    the server is currently running some version of novell, and has 3 or 4 8gb hdd's ;p it handles the domain and serves files and printers, which is about it. we have seperate machines that handle the email and laserfax, which are also ancient 75mhz systems merely running one application each.

    my idea was to purchase a new server to replace these 3 systems, probably with something from dell running windows 2003 server / small business server 2003? there will be around 5 users logging on concurrently pref using roaming profiles.

    i'd like to be able to use just one server as the domain controller, fileserver, mail server, and to host the laserfax software.. will this be possible?

    what kind of specifications and prices am i looking at? it needs to be fairly quick, and needs to be able to back up (currently we have an oldschool tape drive which is broken :s) is it worth buying a new tape drive system and software or just running a raid array and mirroring a drive?

    any advice will be appreciated. thanks.

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    Well you can go the cheap way or the better way - up to you.

    Woodcrest or Clovertown (Dual CPU - Dual or Quad Core)
    Or Core2Duo.
    Hardware Raid - with Raptors for the speed
    and 500GB drives for the fileserver

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