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Thread: server gone!, but not forgotten

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    server gone!, but not forgotten

    OK , i have a computer that until about a week ago it was connected to a server, on load up it asks you to log into the server which is gone, so i just click the x and i use it as a stand alone computer, is there a way of getting rid of the server acess on start-up or does it need to be connected to the server to be deleted, i've tryed a few things to get rid of it, like pressing delete on server drive, but it doesn't work, please help.


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    make sure you reset the local password - then you'll neen to remove the machine from the domain.
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    I'm guessing this is a Windows 98 PC, because "so i just click the x and i use it as a stand alone computer" doesn't work on win 200/xp. Gonna need to find someone with a better memory than me to tell you how to remove it from the domain, and you'll probably need administrator access??
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