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Thread: PC startup problems

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    PC startup problems

    I have had a homebrew PC which has suddenly stopped booting - with no apparent reason.

    Asrock K7VM2 *V3.0* KT266 / Scan '2010' ATX Midi Tower 350W PSU / AMD Athlon XP 2400+

    power is getting to the key board (caps lock goes on)
    but the system unit does not get as far as the POST checks.

    case open; when I turn the rocker switch by the PSU on
    • The light by the (front push on) switch goes on;
    • the cpu and case fans keyboard etc go on for approx 1 sec,
    • the PSU fan does not go on;
    • there is a sound like a relay klicking 2 or 3 times
    • and then it all goes off, except the light to the front panel switch.
    • Often the mains fuse (in the plug) blows.

    My only thought is that it must be the PSU - does anyone have any better advise to help diagnose this?


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    blowing the fuse in the mains plug, it must be the power supply, if it was anything else your computer would be blowing out smoke.

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