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    Counter Strike: Source

    Well I'm going to try and do something I've wanted to do for ages:

    Form an all Hertfordshire Counter Strike:Source clan.

    I want to attend lans this summer, living closer together is a perfect oppertunity to bond together better as a team, I'm looking for 5 guys/girls who live in Hertfordshire, this is a must.

    Must be Mid skill, at the very least Low/Mid.

    I want to hopefully LAN and enter leagues such as SGL/ED and possibly CAL.

    I know this is a big challenge but I feel I can find 5 people who play Counter Strike: Source in Hertfordshire and are looking for a clan.

    I currently live in Watford so if you live there even better lol.

    This may not work, but it may work.

    If you're intrested please message back here, no spam please.

    Thanks, lee.

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    Re: Counter Strike: Source

    Im from Hertfordshire so Def in. I am also frm the uni on a Digital animation course so i dont think it would be to hard to find other players...

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    Re: Counter Strike: Source

    So where abouts in Hertfordshire you live and wicked.

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