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Thread: Hexus Horde Guild Roster

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    Hexus Horde Guild Roster

    This roster lists our currently active players, please do not reply to this thread - any corrections/additions please PM me here or ingame.

    Also a sexy Breakdown of our guild can be viewed here: LINK

    Mains are listed in bold where as alts are italacised.

    Forum Name: Allen

    Name: Kerilus
    Class: Undead Mage
    Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting

    Name: Rentau
    Class: Tauren Druid
    Professions: Skinning and Mining

    Name: Lurch
    Class: Undead Rogue
    Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking

    Forum Name: Geist
    Game Name: Azog

    Class: Warrior
    Professions: Armorsmith & Miner

    Forum Name : Father-Time
    Game Name : Fatheroftime

    Class : Warlock
    Professions : Mining & Weaponsmith

    Game Name : Fathertime
    Class : Druid
    Professions : Skinning & Leatherworking

    Game Name : Casalaar

    Class : Priest
    Professions : Herbalism & Alchemy

    Forum Name: Menthel
    Game name: Graxar

    Class: Rogue
    Professions: Leatherworking & Skinning

    Forum Name: Imperator
    Game Name: Imperator

    Class: Priest
    Professions: Alchemy & Herbalism & Yoga

    Game Name: Corrupter
    Class: Shamen
    Professions: Mining & Engineering & Bingo

    Forum Name: ERU
    Game Name: ERU

    Class: Rogue
    Professions: Tribal Leatherworker & Skinner

    Game Name: Elwe
    Class: Warrior
    Professions: Enchanting & Tailoring

    Forum Name: Proplus
    Game Name: Proplus

    Class: Warlock
    Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking

    Forum Name : Madocks
    Game Name : Madocks

    Class : Hunter
    Professions : Leatherworking - Tribal & Engineering

    Game Name : Madox
    Class : Shaman
    Professions : Mining & Blacksmith

    Game Name : Madokz
    Class : Priest
    Professions : Tailor & TBC

    Forum Name: Mblaster
    Game Name: Slarys

    Class: Rogue
    Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking

    Game Name: Theria
    Class: Priest
    Professions: Talioring & Enchanting

    Forum Name: Iceking90
    Game Name: Urganvast

    Class: Mage
    Professions: Tailor & Enchanter

    Forum Name : derthballs
    Game Name : Marrez

    Class: Hunter
    Profession: Mining & Blacksmithing

    Game Name : MarreZ

    Class: Priest
    Professions: Herbalism & Alchemy

    Forum Name: Rhyth
    Game Name: Rafe

    Class: Shaman
    Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking

    Game Name:Athalus
    Class: Warrior
    Professions: Skinning & Mining

    Forum Name: Romanov
    Game Name: Reginald

    Class: Warrior
    Professions: Skinning & Mining

    Forum Name: Stoo
    Game Name: Isadrel

    Class: Warlock
    Professions: Tailoring & Mining

    Game Name: Balkron
    Class: Druid
    Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking

    Game Name: Tyyannor (Alliance <-> Horde AH Packhorse, non guild)
    Class: Rogue
    Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking
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