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Thread: SM Wednesday Night

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    SM Wednesday Night

    I beleive that those of us that were in RFD last night are doing SM on Wednesday. What time are we doing it. I thought I saw 8.00 in chat while we were playing but can't remember.

    Oh, and I'll be spending the majority of my time in STV tonight trying to clear my quest log. I've got load there including 2 Elite quests. I think Madox has some quests there as well, is that right fella? do you want to meet up?

    As for last night, thanks again it was a lot of fun. When the missus pops out one night, I'll join in with the TS banter I think I'm just about getting the hang of the tank thing now. If I could have less than a 10 minute cool-down on my challenging shout, it would be better but hey ho. All in all it was very good.

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    Can't do wednesday, as I'm going to London to watch Audioslave play

    Maybe Fathertime could replace me as the main healer if he gets a level or two.
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    You absolute GIT!!! I love audioslave!

    I'd do anything for a ticket and a day off work ;D
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    Aye had great fun last night - i always hate that instance, but last night wasnt so bad.

    Yes quests in STV and a few elites in Hammerfall / TM

    If wednesdays bad for you slarys - perhaps thursdays better ?

    Or a wednesday run with alternative healer and a thursday run with theria SM rocks

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    I'm good for either night or both nights, just let me know the time

    I'll see you in STV tonight then. I've got pirates and Undead freaks to kill

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