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Thread: Photo and video backkup

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    Photo and video backkup

    Hi all,
    its just occurred to me that I haven't really considered backing up photos and videos I have taken in the last few years. Total stored in spinning rust is about 500 GB.
    Option 1 is get a NAS drivee, shove it in the garage and hope that it survives any normal catastrophe. To be honest if the house burns down I would be more concerned about other stuff. Option 2. Online backup. I have FTTP to upload speeds are reasonable.
    Option 3. Backup to a USB drive and stash it at work.
    Really wondering what other people are doing? I mainly shoot RAW, but also fly drones and capture 4K video.


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    Re: Photo and video backkup

    All 3 options would be best

    I am currently doing option 2 and 3

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    Re: Photo and video backkup

    An option I looked up to store personal photos in the past was M-disc... supposedly it's meant to last a lifetime (assuming the disc itself is not physically destroyed).
    I got an M-disc compatible DVD-drive, but never got round to using it for backup. Might have to stop being lazy!

    Worth checking out, seems there's a Blu-ray version out as well that can store up to 25GB.
    They are quite pricy but from what I saw in my research (4 years ago I think it was), seemed to do what they said it would.

    This was the drive I bought, seems it's still available:
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    Re: Photo and video backkup

    I have a large photo collection assembled over many years and am now digitising photographic stock (albeit slowly). I backup to a NAS drive and a DLNA device (useful for TV viewing) as well as occasional transfers offsite on USB. I have also got images stored in one drive. Bit OTT but once the images are stored it is only adding updates which generally takes no time at all. I suspect I could automate it but.......

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