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Thread: What laptop

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    What laptop

    Hi all,

    I am looking at getting a laptop, I will probably have £1200 to spend which gives a few options.

    I will mainly use it for gaming and a bit of web browsing and my wife and son will probably also use it.

    I was looking at the gtx 1060 powered ones, I would prefer an AMD powered computer but there isn't any.

    I would prefer a larger screen so 17"

    There are 3 that I have been looking at in a bit more detail.

    The first is an MSI ge72vr from scan with an i7 7700 and a 1060 3gb with a 120hz panel.
    The second is an MSI gp72mvr also from scan with similar specs but it only has a 12 month warranty.
    The third is a HP Omen with an i5 7300 and a 1060 6gb, again with a 12 month warranty.

    What are your thoughts on these and any other options?


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    Re: What laptop

    Just in case you are still looking, pleasent see my post from my very similar thread to yours!

    Sods law, few reviews have the Predator with some deficiencies. Not enough to put me off, but enough to make me consider buying the below, as a sleeker look, same specs, but for £74 more?

    Any thoughts?

    After thinking it over with a coffee, I have decided to spend the extra £70 on the Acer Nitro over the Predator. I prefer the less gaudy looks, and build quality is of importance to me which the Predator got knocked down for, but the Aspire praised for (more aluminium surfaces). It also comes with a higher panel display, bigger battery (considerably), and numerous reviews show it to run 10% cooler then the Predator at max load, impressive seeing as it is also a thinner design.

    Two Reviews: both before 11% cashback applied via topcashback



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