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Thread: To my astonishment

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    To my astonishment

    Hi there getting new pc delivered tommorow it's ryzen 9 5900x/corsair AIO H100x white liquid cooler/Asus rog strix B550 gaming F Mobo/EVGA 3090 24gb ftw3/Corsair RM850w gold psu /1tb WD SN550 nvme m.2 gen3/2tb seagate barracuda hdd/Corsair ICUE rgb airflow mid/32gb corsair vengeance ddr4 it's set up with Windows 10 should I keep with this set up or try Windows 11, hmm ?Got my Pc wonderful system and to my astonishment I got the ryzen 9 5950x instead of the 5900x I ordered and is listed and ticked in my invoice, so very happy with that and getting 32gb ddr4 3200mhz in my sytem for £3099.98 wow thankyou Scan Uk they must have been laughing installing the cpu. Now I've got some games installed I've stuck with Windows 10 for now
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