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Thread: MPs fighting spam. Or maybe not.

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    MPs fighting spam. Or maybe not.

    MP suggests solution to Spam

    Following his visit to Washington DC as Chairman of the all party internet group Derek Wyatt MP thinks that small changes to email addresses could stop spam.

    His suggestions run along the following lines:

    Current email address is:

    New address would be:

    Sw1aoaa being his postcode and so that we know where the email has come from so an end to .com though would be fine.

    Since some, especially children, might balk at giving their postcode in an
    email the postcode can be exchanged for a pin number so: or

    The pin code is held by the Information Commissioner's Office

    ISPs would have to be persuaded of the need to resolve jurisdiction of emails(14th Amendment US constitution) and if they can't then EU and other governments would legislate.

    So spammers would be traceable by postcode or pin number and country of origin .

    MP welcomes comments to these suggestions
    I cant even begin to find ways of describing how pathetic this is!

    What the HELL is an MP doing trying to solve the technical problem of Spam? Does he have the relevant skills? Does he even know what he is talking about? Seeing as his damn EMAIL ADDRESS is on that page, I very much doubt it.

    Man this makes me so angry. What sort of hope is there with people like this trying to sort it out?
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    I would have thought that you would have realised that this sort of things exists everywhere in modern business, (yes i do view the government as a very large inefficent mess, but a business all the same)

    You have managers (mp's) making decisions they have NO idea of the impact on the whole structure of the industry.

    Plus does he realise that spam is not normal people sending messages but a few people sending millions of e-mails. Those are the ones that should be stopped first as they are the most proplematic imo.

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