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Thread: Darksiders - PS3

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    Darksiders - PS3

    Disturbedguy gives us his opinion on the combat-focused action adventure game, Darksiders.
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    Re: Reviews - Darksiders - PS3 (user)

    It's interesting!

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    Re: User Reviews - Darksiders - PS3

    Quote Originally Posted by geryhostone View Post
    why does my ps3 go all skits like all jumpy when playing cod2 online ? the syestm is only about 4wks old
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    Reported - seems a bit spammy IMO

    Review mirrors most of my feelings on the game, although I did play it on the 360 instead. I was sold on it due to comparisons with Zelda, and that usually is enough. Essentially, there is a large overworld game mechanic along with a dungeon one. Graphically, I like the art style, and the combat was boombastic enough to be pleasing. Disturbedguy is right about the combat getting a bit repetitive, but you are able to purchase additional moves for each weapon you obtain.

    The dungeon crawlling and puzzles arent ever of the "Water Temple in Ocarina of Time" level, but thats not a terrible thing either. From start to finish, its a nice play, never really drags, and is always great to look at. Seeing as its been out a while now, its probably available second hand now, so becomes even more of a bargain.

    If you are a fan of Zelda/Fable then this is an decent enough game to play to remind you of some of the good things that you might have experienced in those series. Pick it up - you wont be disappointed!

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