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Thread: 3XS Extended System Warranty

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    3XS Extended System Warranty


    I feel I Just to clarify the details of an extended system warranty and clear a few points up for anyone who is not too clear on our policies past and present

    If a customer purchases an extended warranty with a system as of late 2008 &2009 we send the details of the system and the warranty cover the customer has purchased directly to the onsite company (Burnetts), they then send the warranty pack to the customer directly.

    Pre 2008 & 2009 when a customer bought an extended system warranty they received with it a pack which they needed to fill in their details and build number and return this in the 1st year to Burnetts at the address provided, this would give them the extended cover after the 1st Years Onsite/RTB warranty had expired with Scan.

    Burnetts would then use their onsite company (Netsolve) to carry out any onsite hardware replacements within the extended cover period

    Any questions or issues with this please contact our 3XS Support Team as we will be able to answer your questions either on Hexus or by phone

    The link to the warranty packages now available is below

    Support Numbers are:
    0871 472 4743 & 0871 472 4756

    Ben (3XS Systems Support Manager)
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