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Thread: 3XS Overclock Core I7 Systems

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      • CPU:
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      • Memory:
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      • 1 x Intel 80 Gig SSD & 2 x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1
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      • Corsair 1000 Watt
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      • Win 7 Pro 64 Bit
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      • 27" Iiyama
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    3XS Overclock Core I7 Systems

    Asus Core I7 Systems
    Our 3XS Systems using the Asus Core I7 boards that are overclocked have a profle for the standard and the overclocked settings in the bios, to access this please do the following.

    Restart the system and Tap Del to enter the bios

    Goto Tools
    Asus OC Profile

    Load from Profile 2 (For Overclock)
    or Load from Profile 1 for Standard Non Overclocked Settings
    There will be no change on this screen but if you go back to the AI(Extreme) Tweaker menu the Setting for Ai Overclock will be set to manual

    Press Esc then F10 and Save the settings and exit

    Gigabyte Overclocked Systems
    Press Del to Enter the Bios
    Press F12

    Profile 1 is 3XS Standard
    Profile 2 is 3XS Overclock

    (Our Gigabyte Audio Systems have a specific Profile which is Profile 1 so if you have an Audio System select Profile 1)

    MSI Core I7 Systems

    Press Del to enter Setup

    Goto - Overclock Profile

    Listed are Profles 1 -6
    Profile 1 is 3XS Standard
    Profile 2 is 3XS Overclock

    Press F10 Save and Exit
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    Re: 3XS Overclock Core I7 Systems

    Hi Ben,

    I actually did just read this post:

    which is exactly what has happened to my system. So I did re-load the overclocking in the BIOS, did a restart and I saw my normal boot up, all the drives were auto-detected, but it still hung on a blinking cursor.

    I went back into BIOS and I could only find my boot drive and I've worked out that if I have a USB drive hooked up when I restart, it's only trying to boot from the USB.

    I don't know why I can't set the boot drive to be the correct SATA drive, but at least it is booting. Thanks again for the quick reply.


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