As the title says I made an order for a custom 3XS Vengeance SLI Desktop PC on the 3rd April. I had an email notifying me that the SLI bridge needed to be changed so I would not need to wait for stock as all items were in stock except that. Replied that was fine. On the following Monday 9th April received email saying there would be a delay but that the build would begin in 2-3 days. I checked online on Thursday and saw that nothing had changed on the order. I emailed and received a reply saying the build would start immediately. Now it is Monday the 16th and I have checked again and there has been no change. I obviously need to call and cancel the order as this delay is ridiculous, especially as you have taken the £4000 on the 3rd April and since then have done nothing. But I wanted to post this as a warning to others and as a record.
It's unfortunate as Scan/3XS had exactly what I wanted but this has been going on too long. If there had been evidence of the build starting and progressing I would have waited. As it is I will be demanding a refund.