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Thread: GTX 970 artifacting & crashing, appears to be DOA.

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    Exclamation GTX 970 artifacting & crashing, appears to be DOA.


    I purchased a new graphics card - a Gigabyte GTX 970 - from Scan on November 17th. It arrived on November 19th, and I opened it up on Monday 24th. I think it's DOA - I have had some severe artifacting issues and the card has crashed multiple times for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

    Here are some pics of the artifacts.

    I am pretty upset that this has happened. Was very excited to have a new GPU and it's straight up failing me right out of the gate.

    I suppose this would be worthy of an RMA. What should my next steps be (e.g. recording the issue so I have proof of it happening or something) in order to ensure that I'm successful? A friend of mine has relayed a horror story of his to me - he sent in a DOA card he got and his RMA was declined three times (thankfully not with Scan) before he was actually sent a new card. I can't afford for this to happen as I simply don't have the time or money!

    Any advice would be very much welcomed.

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    Re: GTX 970 artifacting & crashing, appears to be DOA.


    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with the card, I have sent across an email with some things to try. I am not personally aware of issues with Firefox, however it might be worth trying a different browser if you are using Firefox.

    Kind regards,

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