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Thread: Pointless Delay to Order. So Easily Avoidable.

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    Pointless Delay to Order. So Easily Avoidable.

    At 1101 yesterday I placed my order for 2x GFX cards with Sunday delivery. At 1626 I got an email explaining that my order was delayed due to the game bundle being out of stock with no ETA.

    The same email invited me to reply to make changes to my order, or ring Customer Services who, by this point, had shut for the day. I replied saying I was happy for my order to be shipped without the game bundle, which will just be a paper slip with some codes on it to redeem the games as 2 of the 3 games aren't released yet. If this isnt the case you're presumably not dispatching any AMD GFX cards until all 3 games are released. Obviously this achieved nothing as my order wasn't packed and shipped.

    This does raise some questions.

    1. Did you really hold up a £900+ order for a bit of paper for 3 games, when 2 of them aren't even playable right now anyway?
    2. Whats the point of emailing me with the opportunity to sort something out when Scan have no ability to react?
    3. Why did it take 5 hours to discover you were out of stock of this bundle?
    4. Why, when there is no ETA for the bundle, wasn't the rest of my order shipped with a note that the bundle would follow on when available?

    This is easily solved by 2 actions.

    1. Give someone in the warehouse the authority to part-ship orders. Quite cheap to do I'd have thought.
    2. Have CS around whenever the warehouse is operating to sort issues like this out. Probably a bit more expensive than option 1.

    This does raise 1 final question. With 2 minutes thought I can see the business needs to operate in a holistic manner and offer some suggestions, why haven't the management at Scan worked that out in however many years you've been in business.

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    Re: Pointless Delay to Order. So Easily Avoidable.

    The game I got free came in the form of an email upon despatch, can't see that you'd even need a piece of paper?

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