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Thread: MEG CREATION unstable

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    Unhappy MEG CREATION unstable

    I'd actually been sitting on this screen all day pondering whether sending this motherboard back for a Gigabyte Auros Extreme was worth it.

    The MSI Extreme is a great board on paper, but the BIOS is an absolute trash fire. I have had nothing but problem from day 1, poor memory support, beta BIOSes, constant rebooting on cold boot. Blue screens and other crashes, limited software and BIOS with broken features. I have to keep clearing the CMOS over and over again to use my PC again, which then requires me changing all my setting again in BIOS.

    For a £450 workstation board this is unacceptable, I've had crashes and refusal to POST during twitch streams, while in the middle of vital work etc. I expect better for this price point.

    This isn't a memory issue (In fact the stability is worse on 2 sticks than 4) as far as I can see, I've swapped GPUs, I've updated drivers direct from AMD's website since the versions on MSI's website is out of date.
    (Apologies for swearing but this is frustrating, especially when it happens during something important like streaming or editing)

    I guess the board decided for me, definitely want to return it. I'm just on the fence about what to replace it with, I'm also worried about SCAN's usual returns process since I've had issues in the past returning items with intermittent issues.

    When's the latest I can return the board? I may order a new board and switch it out first to reduce my downtime, I just have to decide which board I want to get, the Auros Extreme or Zenith Extreme
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