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Thread: Asus TUF 3080Ti issue

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    Asus TUF 3080Ti issue


    So recently I've managed to get myself Asus tuf 3080Ti(Scan and nvidia bbq event), and all were good for a week I was using the card in the performance mode(physical switch on the GPU), it was a bit noisy but the temps were excellent(64-65c) so I've decided to switch to quiet mode just to try it out, yes card went silent and tbh there is no performance loss but temps shoot to 74c, and I do not like that. Decided to switch it back on to performance mode but it looks like it didn't work at all, as the card is behaving as in quiet mode, temps are in 73-74C. Does anyone encounter an issue like that before? I am a bit lost and I don't know whether I should RMA this or what went wrong... any help is much appreciated

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    Re: Asus TUF 3080Ti issue

    I would try and contact Scan directly as they are rarely on here these days.

    Alternatively maybe ask in the PC Hardware and components forum as the Scan after sales forum is for the OP and Scan only so other replies would be removed.

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