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Thread: Scan + City Link = Awesome service

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    Scan + City Link = Awesome service

    Just wanted to thank the guys at Scan for their awesome service.

    Orderded a Saitek Eclipse 2 keyboard on Thursday (1st). Delivery was down as tomorrow but I got it today.

    As always a great service provided by Scan.

    SCAN > OcUK by miles, especially in the packaging department.

    And another superb delivery from City-Link. I seem to have an brilliant driver who does my area who always gets my stuff to me before 8.30am

    If I could thank you all in person I would so I will just give you all a virtual hand shake

    *extends hand, ready for shaking*

    Thank you very much Scan.

    www | F | T | @

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    This is why I love scan

    And the city link driver who usually delivers for me as an ace bloke, I usually find him playing with the dog when I come sign for my parcel.

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    SCAN > OcUK by miles, especially in the packaging department.
    Definitely, OCUK didn't update their stock so i didn't receive my case, and they failed to tell me, was about 2 weeks before i got it and should have been next day!

    Thumbs up to Scan!

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