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Thread: Damaged Case

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    Re: Damaged Case


    You called Dawn in Customer Services at around 5pm on Wednesday 14th November to advise us that the case had arrived as damaged.

    Dawn advised on this date and at this time, whilst you were on the phone, to re-iterate a replacement case could have been shipped the night of the 14th for next day delivery being today Thursday 15th November.

    So answer your first question “How could the replacement case have gotten to me today when I rang last night about the problem? There just wasn't enough time for that!”

    There would have been plenty of time to arrange this, which is this option WAS offered to you, which you declined to accept, this is the only reason we did not ship on the night of the 14th.

    To answer your second point:
    Then further along in your quote you say that you could ship on Thursday for delivery on Friday!! Which one is it?.

    My post was written (Yesterday 07:03 PM) and taking into consideration you had already declined the offer during our opening hours to have a replacement case shipped on the 14th November for delivery on the 15th November, the next available date to have the replacement dispatched would have been Thursday 15th for delivery Friday 16th

    In response to “I would have to pay for another case with you to get one by Friday (The lady told me that i would not get one till sat on the phone).”

    The second option of having the case delivered on Saturday was offered to you so you would not have to pay for the case to be shipped out to you. We would have arranged a collection on Wednesday 14th November to be completed on Thursday 15th November the case would have been returned to Scan on Friday 16th November and we would have shipped a “ Free of Charge “ case out to you on the evening of the 16th for delivery on Saturday 17th pre 12am.

    But still we did provide the option to you to have the case shipped for delivered to you today.

    We do go the extra mile and we have dealt with this query to the best of our ability, but unfortunately going the extra mile cannot always mean giving exactly what the Customer wants, there is a limit of what we can physically offer a customer and one of these limits being to offer Advanced Replacements.

    It is not that we do not trust you and to be fair we cannot be expected to make judgments like this.

    I thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways in which to improve our service and, quite literally, our ears are always open to any comments/suggestions, whether they are positive or negative. It is through customer feedback that we are able to really understand the needs of our customers and put our energy into the appropriate areas. We have taken your comments on board, on the other hand unfortunately is is not feasible to offer Advanced Replacements and every other option was offered to resolve this problem to the best of our ability.

    We are grateful of you comments to our Claims dept that the issue has been dealt with..

    Best Regards
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    Re: Damaged Case

    Cheers Chris.

    Sorry for the rant. thanks to all who tried to sort things out anyway.

    You can close the thread now if you want, or set fire to it!! lol

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    Re: Damaged Case

    Ok and I though you loved Me!!!!
    Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

    Error exists between Keyboard & Chair replace User and press Any Key!

    .... Where's the Any Key???

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    Re: Damaged Case

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulm@scan View Post
    Ok and I though you loved Me!!!!
    What's this all about - is there random man love going on in the Scan Forum... hahaha

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