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Thread: Multi SCSI CD-R Burning Problems

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    Multi SCSI CD-R Burning Problems

    Burner PC Specs

    Duron 900Mhz
    768Mb 266Mhz Generic Ram
    2x60Gb Seagate
    Graphics Card:
    Built-in Kick-ass beast!
    Sound Card:
    Built-in again
    Network Card:
    SCSI Card:
    Adaptec AHA-2930CU
    Adaptec SIDE-2930C
    SCSI Cable:
    Belkin 7 Drive (8 ports in total)
    3xPlextor 40/12/40S, model: PX-W4012TS
    Pioneer 106
    Tape Drive:
    Onstream IDE ADR 30Gb
    Generic 300W
    OLD!!! 230W from P120 with 'on switch' (used to power only the DVD burner and tape drive only)
    Windows XP Pro (full updated)
    Record Now Max 4.5
    Nero 6
    Datasafe 80min CD-Rs
    Bulkpaq 80 minute 48x

    General Usage

    Store files which are later burned to CD/DVD.
    Print CD labels.
    Preform daily backup of server (which is upstairs and we can't be arsed going up there every day) to tape drive over the network.

    The Problem

    For some reason around a month ago it started failing while burning 3CDs at a time at max speed, failing at the 70.2Mb (ish, can't remember the exact figure) burnt stage every time.
    Originally setting it to 'test/burn/verify' solved the problem for some weird reason. Deduced it to burn/verify to try save time but still got problems. Set it to Test/burn, working fine. Weird I know but it worked then it just went back to normal overnight without us noticing.
    Happened again a few weeks later though this time we decided to try different media to see if that solved it but it made no difference.
    This time the only solution was to get the CDs to burn a mid speed.
    Started sticking it back up to max speed after a few days, and was working fine (yet again).
    Its back again, this time the way it stands:
    On Mid speed everything fine
    On Max speed everything fails
    We decided to stop beating around the bush and try to fix this.

    Tried & Failed Solutions

    Ran Memtest86 on the PC, the ram passed all the tests fine.
    Took the SCSI card out this PC and put it into another one (drives still powered from the main one). Got the, "failing 70.2Mb" problem. So we ruled out the PC in general.
    Moved the SCSI card back.
    Got a 430W CWT PSU and switched everything onto that. Still the same problem. Original PSU gets a tick in its box.
    Before taking anything else to bits we installed Nero just to confirm the software wasn't to blame which it wasn't, as Nero fall short in much the same way (side note: anyone recommend some good multiburner software?).
    Next on the list for testing was the SCSI cable, which brought up a problem. Only replacement we had was for 2 Drives.
    We decided to test it with just 2 for the hell of it, though met more problems trying to get the cable out of the SCSI card. In the end we gave up with fear of breaking the SCSI Card.
    We got a hold of another SCSI card just to test it. Unfortunately since we only have the 2-port cable we couldn't do a full test though it don't make a difference in the end. It failed on any combination of 2 drives we tried, when tried having each drive plugged in single. Failed every time with that set up as well.

    I read through the FAQs etc.. on there website. On it, it suggested updating ASPI & checking the SCSI card is set to 20Mbps transfer rate. I've since updated the ASPI (since WinXP doesn't have it by standard) and the SCSI card was already at 20Mbps. Both haven't solved the problem.

    Conclusions So Far

    The PC is fine, SCSI card is fine, cable is fine. Just all the drives have broke down at the same time? I think you'll agree with me that that's highly unlikely.

    Any ideas?

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    The only easy test is to try the drives in a different machine, alternatively you will need to contact Plextor Technical Support either via or 0207 949 0109

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