EPoX have found that in a very minute amount of EP-8RDA3+ mainboards of revision 2.x / 3.x using fan assisted northbridge cooling solution the cooler fan may become noisy after a while of use. This is generally due to excessive system heat or northbridge heat caused by overclocking or insufficient / improper system cooling causing damage to the bearing of the fan.

Whether the failure is the fault of the end user / integrator or not, EPoX feel that it is important to rectify where this issue is found and will swap out Northbridge coolers on model 8RDA3+ rev 2.x / 3.x directly with the user. Please instruct the end user / reseller to carry out the following in order to get a replacement northbridge cooler :-

Return the fan to :

Unit 1
Enigma Building
Bilton Road
Milton Keynes

Please enclose a suitable self addressed stamped envelope for the replacement fan to be returned in.

Note that RMA of mainboard back to EPoX UK for failure of Northbridge cooler fan will not be accepted.