I've just ordered (19/08) and received (20/08) some stuff including HDD Seagate ST2000DM001. Everything was beautiful until I plugged it in and turned my computer on. It spinned up for about 3 seconds and then made 2 weird click sounds turning itself off right after that. For the last year I've been using only SSD so when I heard the noise I thought "wow, these new HDDs make weird sounds nowadays". Anyway, it started simple - BIOS didn't detect it at all. Tried different configurations, different cables, plugged those that I used for my SSD - still nothing. I let my Windows start (it took about 2 minutes instead of 5 seconds) and surprisingly Virtual Disc Service found an extra hard drive (after being stuck for about 2 minutes) which had a capacity about 10x lower - I still couldn't do anything with it. I googled my problem, found loads of ideas, tested them, tried different softwares - nothing. Finally I found a video on YT of the same HDD booting in the same way as mine (it did 4 clicks though) and realised that this drive is just faulty. I must have received it faulty. It was a surprise to me, as I have built my entire PC from parts from Scan and they all were more than excellent (except for fan screws from Corsair case which don't really fit into Corsair fans lol, but it definitely is not Scan's fault). Therefore I'd like to send the drive back and receive a new, properly working HDD (or get a refund) as without it I'm not even able to test if the software that I've ordered with it together is working as it should be (not enough space to install it). Below I've attached a link to YT video of my faulty HDD starting up.

ST2000DM001 failure
youtube.com/ watch?v=FtL3Wrhie_o

Query: OLQ1339561
Invoice: E2312971

Please let me know what to do ASAP