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Thread: Problem with Scan

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    Problem with Scan


    Well I have only had a bad experience of Scan so far unfortunately and hope this can be turned around.

    My first order was on 28th June 05 for a large amount of money for an order including and XFX 7800GTX, Athlon64 X2 4400+, and a load of other stuff.

    Well the item wasn't received on the day I expected it so just before closing time I called Scan, and was told that the DVD-RW I had ordered was out of stock It was annoying that nothing had been sent because just this £30 item wasn't in anymore. So then I asked if this could be cancelled and the amount returned to my card and that was not going to be a problem, and I was offered free Saturday delivery for the remaining items as compensation. So then I was feeling happier and it was something to make up for the annoyance of having to wait 2 more days to get my hands on my new system

    So now this evening I have received an e-mail telling me that the Processor and Graphics card have gone out of stock when they should have been sent a few days ago when they were in stock anyway!

    I cannot believe this and am almost certainly going to make a call tomorrow morning to have this whole order cancelled. I bought from Scan in the hope that I would have received the whole lot on Thursday of this week but this has not happened so I am not very happy with Scan and it doesn't look like I'll be ordering again unless something can be done in the very near future...


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    If you PM me the invoice number I shall look into this futher for you.


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