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Thread: great service from scan but i think i have a faulty component

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    great service from scan but i think i have a faulty component

    hi all

    purchased all my stuff from scan and this year was no different received absolutley superb cs from a woman called carey (right sexy voice )lol

    anyways all came on time rigged it up no worries installed o/s no probs then over last few days have heard like a ticking sound thought it maybe the tagan from last build so tried it on my sisters comp and it was ok

    next the new mobo heard the neo 2 has some probs with those 3 resistors buzzing but it wasnt them

    the noise seem to come when comp was doing something but only quick and short

    i ran a full system virus scan today and all i could hear was ticking for about 2-3 minutes coming from the seagate 120 gig hard drive i got with the rest of my stuff from scan last week

    so i think this is going to have to be an rma

    how long do these take my problem is

    a i am going to lose everything
    b i will not have a computer to use as i have no other hard drives

    is it a lengthy wait or can scan send me one before they get mine

    am quite dissapointed

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    The best advice I can give you is to ring our technical guys and discuss this with them.

    Best Regards,

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