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Thread: product request scan !!!

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    product request scan !!!

    hi there im wondering why a big etailer liker scan doesnt stock antec cases ? there one of the better makes of cases and im dying for an antec p180

    ive got a fairly big order im pricing up scan has most of it except the p180 and a maxtor 120gb sata hard drive (for my mates convinced he needs raid0 and wants to combine his current 120 maxtor with another one no matter how hard ive tried to convince him otherwise)

    im not one to take the **** out of scans generous shipping order with small orders at a time so ive waited untill i can order at once and my mate needs some bits too so ive told him i will put his stuff on my order

    could you let me know if its possible to stock the items ive mentioned, or use your extensive powers to order some especially for me
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