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Thread: a little praise for scan

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    a little praise for scan

    i am really not a lickspittle or psychophant, but i believe scan have earned a little praise this time. in the past i have had bad service from scan; although not on the level of that stoke place or god forbid; e-buyer. when scan started tying in quite heavily with hexus and started getting involved i was sceptical. when the free shipping for hexus members started i decided to give scan another chance, in the last month i have ordered a few hundred squids worth of parts. all 3 orders have been despatched in less than 6 hours of the initial order and arrived the day after despatch.

    this was impressive enough, but today i had need of scan customer services and wondered if scan would live up to its shiny new rep; the answer is yes. my shiny new storm waterblock doesnt fit my new asrock dualsata2 mother board. to keep costs down asrock have not included the cpu socket backing plate, irritating to say the least. it looks like the storm would fit using the socket 478 mountings but i would rather not tempt fate. anyway, phoned scan up to see if i could buy a backing plate, the dude i spoke to actually understood what i was on about and then said he would check with the build guys and post it to me for free if they could find one.

    now, i am not even expecting them to find one, these bloody things appear to resemble rocking horse poo, but the fact that he is prepared to go out of his way to look for something i should have anticipated and ship it to me for free i feel is excellent customer service. nice one scan.

    on a secondary note any one at scan feel like getting in swiftech part number AJ00172 ... its the only backing plate google knows of!

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    Hi just to let you know that the fella sat across the way from me has just wrapped the backing plate in bubble wrap and it will be on its way to you shortly

    Thank you for the Positive feedback it goes a long way,

    If you need any more assistance just give me a shout,

    Best Regards

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