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Thread: Uh oh - Double Order (What to do?)

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    Uh oh - Double Order (What to do?)

    Hello. I think (well, I am pretty sure, unless there is something wrong with the system) that I have placed an order twice.

    My PC is currently dead, so i am orderering spare parts from the library. I placed an order for an Opteron (not in stock), and an X-Fi Elite Pro to take advantage of the Today Only offer. However, I didn't receive any invoice to my email, so I assumed that I might have logged out before completing the process.

    As I am currently in a hurry, I placed a 2nd order, assuming the first one failed and making sure to follow the entire process. Well, still no invoice for either order, but I assume that there is just some lag involved and that I've just placed two orders.
    I have the invoice # of the 2nd order (I closed the window too early the first time), but the parcel tracking screen can't find it.

    It has been almost 45min since my first order (still no invoice for either order), but I am concerned that I will be charged twice tomorrow (my credit limit can't handle a £800+ order... and I don't want two orders!) before I have the chance to cancel it (although with the Opteron still out of stock, I am hoping that my credit card won't be charged first thing tomorrow).

    What should I do?
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    Tracking is updated during working hours only.

    Log a query - here - with your second invoice number - and Customer Services will cancel during opening hours.

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