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Thread: Tagan PSU Question

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    Tagan PSU Question

    I bought the Tagan 700w PSU the other week, and as you may or may not know, it only comes with one cable run with molex plugs on it, they supply 4x plastic SATA to molex adaptors, but unfortunately 2 of these cause a nasty short. one has killed an LED and one has killed a floppy drive, so my point is, can you supply me with replacements for these little plastic adaptors (nick some out of another psu?), rather than returning the whole psu, which is otherwise fine.

    p.s. i know its these adaptors because i can plug in a SATA hard drive into the loom and it works fine, but anything plugged into the adaptor will buzz and flicker/turn on and off.

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    Unfortunately we do not stock spare parts and if we to remove these from a stocked PSU we would then be unable to sell this.

    Please log a query via the link below with our Returns dept.


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