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Thread: Having some trouble with you lot!!

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    Having some trouble with you lot!!


    I've been referred here from the futuremark forums - hopefully you can sort out some problems I have been having with a consolidation of two orders.

    Long story short I placed an order on the 9th of this month (not relevant but I have had a LOT of trouble with this order - pre-order stock being in, then not... everything being in stock and then not being despatched... stock running out... its a long list!)

    Anyway, I placed another order on the 25th of this month for the logitech s510 + media remote bundle and the KWorld USB2 digital TV box (in your no-brainer of the week)... on my original order these were charged at £24.99+VAT and £13.99+VAT. Yesterday I recieved an email from you that another item on our original order was now out of stock and not being replenished so whilst replacing this item (an Akasa socket A heatsink) I also added the items from this new order to the original order and requested that the new order be cancelled. (I didnt want to pay 2X p+p for no reason)

    The first problem is that although the new items were added to the order from the 9th, the order from the 25th was not cancelled. The second problem is that instead of £24.99+VAT and £13.99+VAT being charged, £26.99+VAT and £21.99+VAT were charged... thats an extra £10+VAT! What is even more confusing is that the items are still being advertised on your site at the original prices!!!

    Could you please look into this. It is quite a large order and I have been waiting on it a long time, your company have had our money since the 9th and although I appreciate that some items were on pre-order, it has been about 2 weeks since everything has been in stock.

    I'm sorry if this sounds like a moan but I have spent a great deal of time over the last 10days or so constantly checking your stock and amending orders to, what seems to be, no avail. Also with the discontinuation of the Akasa (AK-827 iirc) Socket A heatsink your cheapest Socket A heatsink is now over £17!!

    Thanks in advance, I hope this can be sorted before my second order is despatched - i donot want to have to pay yet another p+p charge to send the extra items back again!

    Mark Butler

    p.s. hopefully future posts can be a little more constructive

    ..removed invoice numbers for security reasons

    edit: i wasnt sure about putting the invoice numbers on here... looks like perhaps i shouldnt have!
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    I've forwarded your query to one of my colleagues who moderates here for you.

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    Apologies for the late reply, I have forwarded all of this information through to Dawn in our CS dept, who originally dealt with the query.

    Dawn will be contacting you shortly to resolve these problems.


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    Thanks very much

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    Good morning,

    Just a quick post to say that I still have had no correspondence from anyone regarding the cancellation of the second order and the prices have not been altered on the first.

    Also the Palit 7600GS that came with the order is refusing to display any 3d images properly - it is fine in 2d but any 3d stuff is full of artifacts (although i am yet to try any openGL games... i'll shove doom3 on later and see if it is just a directX issue). I have reinstalled the drivers from the CD (91.47) and also d/loaded the same drivers from nVidia and tried those (incase palit changed them in any way). I have also tried fastwrites on and off, changed the AGP apeture size, updated my mobo drivers (MSI KT3 Ultra). Any other ideas before i return it??

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    If the card is artifacting when in 3D mode then I would really recommend informing the returns dept HERE

    Best Regards,

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