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Thread: Akasa PSU not standard ATX size...??

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    Akasa PSU not standard ATX size...??

    Hi guys,

    I just bought a CoolerMaster WaveMaster Case (LN5554) and an Akasa 550W AK-P550FH PSU (LN11453) as 2 parts of a complete system, but upon starting to assemble it today, it seems that a 2nd fan on the PSU has been pretty much "bolted on" to the rear-end of the PSU, making the PSU physically bigger than a standard ATX PSU - and the CoolerMaster Case has an "engineered" PSU cage that this additional Fan fouls, so it doesn't fit.....

    (The product description for the AK-P550FH PSU states that the dimensions are the standard ATE 150 x 180 x 86mm - but with this extra fan/fan cage bolted on the back, the length is actually 200mm...)

    I obviously don't want to start hacking the case, and have posted an "official" enquiry to Scan Customer Support about returning the PSU for a different one - and in that event, I was just after some advice as to a suitable alternative (500W+ ? ; preferably noted as quiet; driving an Asus P5B, 7950GX2, 2 HD, 2 Optical) - and of course fits into a CoolerMaster WaveMaster.....


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    I have not come across this issue but thank you for bringing it to our attention. You correct in holding back from hacking your case up, PM me your query number and I will chase it up for you tomorrow. I suggest you go for the Coolermaster 600w igreen (LN15511)

    hope this helps

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