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Thread: V. Dissapointed about Delivery Price Hike to NI.

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    V. Dissapointed about Delivery Price Hike to NI.

    Haven't really had anything bad to say about scan in the past, Your postage has always been affordable to Northern ireland - now my PSU Breaks, and i discover that you are asking £23.82 or so to delivery a £60 power supply on Wednesday (As compared to £12, maybe, in the past) - Its just not affordable - (Note that delivery to Mainland UK appears to be £6 or thereabouts)
    Also - OcUK are offering to ship me a PSU with Citylink for £15.45? (Also a wednesday delivery) - Where does this price disparity in delivery to Northern Ireland come from?

    My Last order was with OcUK - and i was pleased to see they offered a Royal Mail Special Delivery service as well as their standard Courier Carrier, which, seemed to me as a more affordable alternative for people living in Areas such as Northern Ireland.

    Would really like to see Scan either offering an alternative Postage method (Such as Special Delivery) to people living outside of Mainland UK, or simply changing back to your previous postage rates.

    (And apologies if this topic has been discussed previously)
    Is there any hope for a reduced Delivery cost to NI in the future, or are adamantly sticking with just Citylink?
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    A quick search will show up plenty of threads on this if you want a fast answer

    A small request to other posters - Can we leave this one for just the Scan guys please? Lets not turn this into another "OMGGG Scan hates NI!!11" thread

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    Our delivery charges to NI have always been the same, regardless of the charge shown by the web site previously. However this was corrected around 6 months ago.

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