Hi All,

I am looking to buy a netbook mainly to use for surfing around the house and to take on holidays, as I have a desktop PC in my bedroom. I am use to using Windows 7 but I think I want to go with Linux as they seem to be slightly cheaper and most netbook advice sites indicate than Linux is the way to go with speed, clean system, etc. I have used Windows for years and think it might be nice to have a change of OS.

The only other thing I am really trying to find is a 10" screen approx (I notice there are 10", 10.1" and 10.2"). I would say my budget is around £200 but the cheaper the better although I would rather spend more if it was worthwhile. Acer Aspire One seemed the first choice but I can't seem to find a 10" version with Linux. In fact, I am finding it difficult to find a 10" netbook with Linux on at all. I know the Aspire One comes in 8.9" which looks really nice but I am really after a 10" screen size.

Can anyone offer any advice on or perhaps some sites to try? I have already checked Amazon, Maplins, Scan, Argos, Ebuyer, PC World, Currys, plus some others!

Thanks for reading.